NEGOTIATE Overcoming early job-insecurity in Europe


NEGOTIATE “Negotiating early job-insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe”, Horizon 2020, Prof. Rumiana Stoilova Bulgarian team project leader,

06 Ch. 5. Scars of early job insecurity across Europe

Youth Unemployment and Job Insecurity in Europe


Social disparities:


Prof. DSc Rumiana Stoilova

Prof. DSc Pepka Boyadjieva

Assist. Prof. Dr. Veneta Krasteva

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gabriela Yordanova

Assist. Prof. Dr. Petya Ilieva-Trichkova

PhD Student Luchezar Nqgolov

Negotiate – Impact of economic crisis on youth and early job insecurity

1. Negotiate at the innovative Youth Expo in Bulgaria

2. Concluding Conference under the NEGOTIATE project

Scarred Youth – What Can the EU Do?’

The Concluding Conference of the NEGOTIATE project was held on December and 5, 2017, at Norway House in Brussels. The two-day programme included a variety of sessions and provided discussion at a high level of expertise between over 130 researchers, European Parliament deputees from the political left, right and center, members of civic organizations, members of the European Commission, and youths from different countries. The participants exchanged opinions and policy recommendations for dealing with youth unemployment and overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis in Europe.  

Prof. Rumiana Stoilova, Director of ISSK-BAS, presented a discussion of some of the impacts of marginalization on the labour market, stressing gender-based and ethnicity-based differences identified through interviews with young people from seven countries. The opinions of young people were also made evident in selfies they had made and presented. Direct questions coming from youths set the start of the conference discussions. The Bulgarian project team at the conference was also represented by three more scholars: Prof. Pepka Boyadjieva, Dr Gabriela Yordanova, and Dr Veneta Krasteva. The Bulgarian participants also included Stefan Markov (Job Tiger TV) and Kaloyan Tsvetkov (Bulgarian Youth Forum).




Prof. Rumiana Stoilova presents key findings of the NEGOTIATE Working paper No. 5.3: “An interview study of early job insecurity and consequences for the transition to adulthood” at the Fourth NEGOTIATE Progress Meeting in Girona 3-4 April 2017


Gabriela Yordanova presents some information about Sofia which will host the  Final NEGOTIATE Progress Meeting in 5-6 October 2017



Dream team

The Bulgarian NEGOTIATE project team took part in a Jubilee conference “HOW WE LIVE TOGETHER COMMUNITIES, INSTITUTIONS, NETWORKS” – info 




NEGOTIATE Progress Meeting in Sofia 5 – 6 October 2017, Sofia



NEGOTIATE Progress Meeting in Sofia 5 – 6 October 2017, Sofia


Employer report Bulgaria

Job-hopping sends negative signals to Bulgarian employers


The Bulgarian NEGOTIATE project team took part in a Jubilee conference “HOW WE LIVE TOGETHER COMMUNITIE, INSTITUTION, NETWORKS”presentation_1_title page

The Bulgarian NEGOTIATE project team took part in a Jubilee conference “HOW WE LIVE TOGETHER COMMUNITIES, INSTITUTIONS, NETWORKS”presentation_2_title page.ppt

NEGOTIATE European Policy brief No 3

NEGOTIATE European Policy brief No 4

NEGOTIATE working paper no D4.4

NEGOTIATE working paper D4.3

NEGOTIATE working paper D7.2

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Conference “Labour market, education, employment: contemporary challenges and perspectives” and the participation of project NEGOTIATE