Public Policies and Social Changes

The research activities of the department are focused mainly on public policy analysis; much of its research is devoted to: policy description; defining and clarifying problems and assessing needs; assessment of the relative desirability of policies; outcome analysis; social impact assessments, monitoring and exploration of the social changes generated by policies, etc. The department also works on conceptual and methodological issues in the field. Inasmuch as public policies are closely connected to the participation of members or citizens in decision making in an organization or society, research activities also include issues of citizenship, social movements, and democratic political institutions.

Staff Member

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Maria Zhelyazkova – Head of Depаrtment

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Veneta Krasteva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Vyara Gancheva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Jana Tsoneva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Zornitza Draganova

PhD, Assist. Prof. Krasimira Trendafilova

PhD, Assist. Prof. Svetla Stoeva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Venelin Stoichev

PhD, Assist. Prof. Elitza Stanoeva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Svetlin Tachev

Karamfil Manolov

Nikolai Yanev

Kiril Mulyachki – Secretary