Social Control, Deviation and Conflicts

Main Research Topics

• Research of the social inequalities and conflicts under the conditions of social changes; Risky groups and social control; Regional development
• Research of the social norms, deviations and control, the deviation motivation and behaviour, the processes of anomie of the society and marginalization of large social groups
• Crime, risks of transformation and sustainable development
• Analysis of the types of deviant behaviour and the subjects of deviation: resocialization.
• Social conflicts and social control
• Conflict resolution: ethics of intervention, culture, theory and practice; Elimination of discrimination.
• Ethnic relations and conflicts; Political support for democracy

General Priorities:

• Mobility and social stratification; Social inequalities
• Demographic changes, sustainable development and conflicts; Regional development;
• Gender studies
• Risks, adaptation and social cost of transformation in conditions of globalization; Sustainable development
• Vulnerable social groups; Children and juveniles in risk ; Children poverty and deviant behavior: Prevention and social control
• Social deviances and deviant motivation; Violence; Drug abuse and traffic of drugs: consequences and policy of restraint; Corruption and organized crime
• Conflicts and control
• Bulgarian political life: Political support for democracy
• Ethnic relations and conflicts in Bulgaria and Balkan area
• Political system of the EU and actions against discrimination.

Department Staff:

Prof. DSc Anna Mantarova – Head of Department

Prof. DSc Ludmila Ivancheva

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Liuba Spassova

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Petar Cholakov

PhD, Assist. Prof. Rumiana Budjeva

PhD, Assist. Prof. Shaban Darakchi

PhD, Assist. Prof. Ana Popova

Biliana Ivanova, Cvetomir Paunov – PhD Students

Vjiacheslav Evlogiev – secretary

Selected Publications:

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Head: Valentina Zlatanova, Professor, Dr of Sociological Sciences
Tel: 0898 326 350
1950           Born September 11, Sofia
1973           Diploma, Karl Marx Higher Economic Institute (at present –University for   National and World Economy)
1975           Postgraduate Student
1980           PhD
1980-1991   Research Associate
1991           Senior Research Associate
1991           Head of Department
1999 – 2004 Deputy Director
2004           Doctor of Sociological Sciences
2005           Professor
2008- 2010  Deputy Director, Head of Department
2011+         Head of Department