Sociological Problems

Sociological Problems is the only Bulgarian academic journal in the field of sociology. It was created in 1968 and is published jointly by the ISSK and the Bulgarian Sociological Association.

Editorial advisory board: Johannes Weiss (Deutschland), Loic Wacquant (USA), Galin Gornev (Bulgaria), Deyan Deyanov (Bulgaria), Zdzislaw Krasnodębski (Deutschland), Bruno Latour (France), Josip RastkoMočnik (Slovenija), Richard Műnch (Deutschland), Georgi Fotev (Bulgaria).

The complete texts that have appeared in Sociological Problems since 1990 are accessible through the “Electronic Library for Central and Eastern Europe” as well as at
Sociological Problems journal website

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Kolyo Koev
Co-editor: Kristina Petkova
Assistant Editor: Teodora Karamelska
Members:  Pepka Boyadjieva, Liliana Deyanova, Martin Kanushev, Svetla Koleva, Tatyana Kotseva, Maksim Molhov, Tanya Nedelcheva, Svetoslav Slavov, Rumiana Stoilova, Ivan Tchalakov

Information for authors

1. Manuscripts are submitted at the editorial office of the journal: Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Sofia 1000, 13A Moskovska Str., room 116, 102.

2. The journal holds the copyrights of the published articles.

3. Manuscripts should follow the standard: А4, 30 lines per page, 60 characters per line. The maximum length of articles is 20 pages. Texts are to be submitted in electronic form (disc or file attached to e-mail message) together with a printed version in 2 copies.

4. The text of the manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words set below the title. The abstract is a brief description of the whole article, not only of the conclusions, together with keywords at the end. When the article is accepted for publication, the author presents the text of the abstract translated into English.