Stratification, Inequalities and Mobility

The Department of Stratification, Inequalities and Mobility was established as a separate section of the Institute in view of enhancing the disciplinary diversity and public visibility of the research carried out in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at BAS. This department will work to achieve greater depth in scientific research and to intensify collaboration between scholars dealing with topics relevant to inequalities and mobility.

Reducing inequalities is one of the three key objectives of the National Development Program 2030[1]. The problems in question are exceptionally topical for the country, as Bulgaria is in the lowest rank within the European Unionin terms of inequality indicators. Growing inequalities and the public conviction that justice is lacking, the risk of social polarization combined with a weak middle class, are disturbing symptoms regarding the condition of Bulgarian society.

The department will conduct theoretically oriented comparative empirical research based on individual quantitative data. In this connection, the department researchers will enlarge their collaboration with international research networks, such as the European Consortium for Sociological Research[2], the team of the National Roadmap for Research in the framework of the European Social Survey; they will also work on topics relevant to regional inequalities in the Danube region and in South Eastern Europe. Thematically, the focus of the Department is related to the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee 28 Social Stratification and Mobility[3].

The Department of Stratification, Inequalities and Mobility will continue the tradition of research on social structure, inequalities and mobility, dating from the 1980s and linked to the work of Prof. Krastyo Dimitrov and Prof. NikolayTilkidjiev. We will strive to stimulate the interest of young scholars and doctoral students.

The department is open to researchers of a broader profile who are interested in research on stratification, inequalities and mobility relevant to their specific fields of study.





Project: Digital Divide аnd Social Inequalities: Levels, Actors аnd Interplay


Members of the Department:


Prof. DSc Rumiana Stoilova: Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rumiana Zheleva

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamelia Petkova

Assist. Prof. Dr.Stefan Markov

Assist. Prof. Dr. Martin Konstantinov

Assist. Prof. Dr. Katerina Katzarska

Specialist Vladimir Vladov

Oleg Yordanov – PhD student